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We are specialists in delivering high quality, cost effective, market leading recruitment and recruitment transformation services. From introduction to induction our service offers a completely innovative 360 solution.

Our progressive pursuit of excellence is reinforced by a deep knowledge of what works by seeing and experiencing what doesn’t. We have an attitude forged in positivity, and when designing our services to be best in class and uniqueness of impact.

Knowing the pressures and challenges you face is our priority. If you think all recruitment solutions are the same, then think again. It’s time to do things differently.

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Meet Harry Alston

Having spent much of my professional experience interviewing, watching and listening to presentations from agencies, hearing the plight of candidates who are left by their agency feeling that they are just a number, HR directors stating they are on the end of a CV carpet bombing exercise, I wanted to change what had become the accepted norm.

My personal crusade is aimed with precision and determination to change that experience. It is my firm belief our team can deliver an experience that is high quality, valuable, new and fresh and is an experience that brings clear benefits to those who engage with us.

We deliver a personal touch we don’t talk about it. I am completely invested and committed to ensuring our organisation truly gets to know the needs of our clients and those of the professionals who place their career aims with us.

Our team is committed to making lip service a thing of the past I hope you seize the opportunity to build a relationship with us which allows us to fully comprehend your requirements and understand what will suit your needs and aspirations.

Meet Imran Elahi

After many years as senior executive in one of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies my career has been etched by delivering the highest level of service to clients and candidates. I value the creation of a culture that puts those we serve at the forefront of our thinking.

EAC Consulting Group believe that a preferred supplier list should not be a list of average but a list of excellence. We know that it is through strong relationships and partnering with the right people that business maintains a keen competitive advantage.

Our process saves money and time by delivering excellent solutions with a ‘serve first’ attitude completely committed at bringing long term value to you. We are listening and we are ready to create a blueprint that is bespoke to you. Our unique client packages and hiring solutions are market leading and tailored to your needs.

When we work with you our team will ensure you are understood, we do not rest until your needs are met. Understanding your demographic, who you are, what you need and where to get it, is of personal importance to me.

Our attitude is that there is no hire that’s too niche and no problem we can’t resolve. I am sure you have sat through many wasted interviews with applicants, perhaps like me you have spent hours trying to educate agencies on how to make your experience more efficient. Work with us and we will make that experience a thing of the past.

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With over 60 years’ commercial experience earned in small, medium and global business across a kaleidoscope of industries EAC deliver excellence.

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EAC are specialists in delivering innovative recruitment solutions. Contact our team today and take this opportunity to receive a service that empowers your plan.